Black Trans people are militants, organizers, healers, educators, and cultural producers who have been catalysts in the George Floyd Rebellion and ongoing Black Liberation and abolitionist projects.

The State used her as an example to deploy white gender hierarchies and invalidate the presence of white supremacy and police terror faced by Black communities in the American South and beyond.

But nine months after the FBI opened the inquiry into the MPD and just weeks before her case was set to go to trial, Duanna was found murdered “execution style” near her home in downtown Memphis. Over 10 years have passed since Duanna’s murder, and the police still allegedly have no suspects, have made no arrests and have not determined a motive for her murder…

The pre-COVID-19 unemployment rate of Black Trans people in the United States was double that of all trans people, and four times that of the united states general population.

The State’s “solution” to “protecting” Trans people in prison is solitary confinement — a practice that is considered torture by the United Nations.

“They wanted to force me to be someone that I wasn’t. They wanted me to delegitimize myself as a Trans woman — and I was not taking that. As a Trans woman — as a proud Black Trans woman — I was not going to allow the system to delegitimize and hyper-sexualize and take my identity away from me.

“I felt like they wanted me to hate myself as a Transwoman . . . prisons aren’t safe for anyone, and that’s the key issue.”

“Police choose who they want to protect, they choose who they want to serve. Prisons don’t help our communities, police don’t help our communities. They make them worse . . . We keep each other safe.”

“We always felt that the police were the real enemy. We expected nothing better than to be treated like we were animals and we were.” — Sylvia Rivera

Three of the fifty-two queer and Trans victims in 2017 who had called the police to receive relief during an act of hate violence, were then MURDERED by police responding to their calls.

Thirty years in the making, GLITS Inc. held their ribbon cutting ceremony last week, celebrating the opening of the first ever housing complex by and for Black Trans people.





ALC is a nonprofit law firm fighting to protect prisoners, and a community organizing project aiming to build a world without prisons.

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Abolitionist Law Center

Abolitionist Law Center

ALC is a nonprofit law firm fighting to protect prisoners, and a community organizing project aiming to build a world without prisons.

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